Seven Deadly Sins anthology vol. I: Pride

Seven Deadly Sins anthology vol 1: Pride

It’s time I give some information about the forthcoming anthology, and I’m more than thrilled to share with you that my short story “In the Name of Art and Love” will be featured on it!

The Seven Deadly Sins anthology vol. 1 features the sin of all sins: Pride. As you may guess, there are already plans that Seven Deadly Sins will hopefully in time become a seven-part series with one volume dedicated to each sin. Volume 1: Pride features short stories and flash fiction from writers across the globe from NYC to Texas, Ohio, and Canada, and from New Zealand to UK, Germany and Finland. Pride is a central theme in all stories.

The anthology is the project of “YA Authors” writing group at Scribophile and spots in the anthology have been determined in the form of a contest. Three more stories were chosen in the final contest and I was one of the lucky winners alongside Alicia Faust and Willow Becker.

The other writers featured in the anthology are: Eliza Archer, Teresa Bassett (author of the novel The Time Crystals), Wendy Bristow, Michael Donoghue, Day Jamison, E.N. Loizis, Anita MacNamara, Jenn Racek, and Katie Stephens.

The anthology’s in editing stage at the moment and will soon move on to be formatted and then published. I will let you know when it’s out there! All proceeds will be donated to a charity: First Book.

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