Mad Scientist Journal Autumn 2014 issue now available

Mad Scientist Journal Autumn 2014 issue Mad Scientist Journal’s Autumn 2014 issue is now available! I’ve only got a little 100ish word thing in this issue, titled “For Sale: One-Way Time Machine“, but I’m proud to have my writing included nonetheless. :) Check it out for nearly 190 pages of sock-twisting fiction from talented, emerging authors.

“Nonhuman religions, clones of classical composers, and the mating habits of socks. These are but some of the strange tales to be found in this book.

Mad Scientist Journal: Autumn 2014 collects three month’s worth of essays from the fictional worlds of mad science. Included are four new pieces of fiction written for the discerning mad scientist reader by Rob Butler, Gary Cuba, Christopher DiCicco, and Sylvia Wrigley. Readers will also find other resources for the budding mad scientist, including an advice column, horoscopes, and other brief messages from mad scientists.”

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBookstoreKobo, TxtrSmashwords, and Patreon.

Cover art by: Matt Youngmark

“No Good Will” Published in SpeckLit

Broken china

My third and final 100-word story that made it into SpeckLit’s 4th quarter this year.

I can’t tell you much about the story without spoilers, but it’s got both fantasy and humour, and certainly none of that sappy Christmas spirit that seems to be polluting the atmosphere. (Just kidding, I love Christmas.)

Why don’t you head over to SpeckLit and see for yourself? “No Good Will

Published: Dec 16, 2014.

“Exile” and “Beginning” Published in 101 Fiction

A starry nightsky

A few days ago, 101 Fiction published their 6th issue online. The theme is “black & white.” If you haven’t already, now’s a good time to check it out for some darkly enticing (and free!) drabble goodness.

I have two drabbles published in this issue: “Exile” and “Beginning.” They are a little dark, but not completely without light.

Published: Dec 10, 2014.