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Dead in Space” is available to read now on SpeckLit.


I have a dark secret: I love vampires. I read my first vampire books when I was just a little girl in the 80s/90s.

Have you heard of Angela Sommer-Bodenburg? She has written a wonderful kids’ series called “The Little Vampire” (‘Der Kleine Vampir’ in German and ‘Pikku vampyyri‘ in Finnish.)

I still own a Finnish copy of each one. In fact, I never had all of them as a kid, so I hunted down the missing ones a couple of years ago from second hand bookshops and online market places.

However, I don’t write about vampires. Or didn’t. Not until I got the idea for this little story. Read it. I promise it’s something different.

Published: February 6, 2015.


Image: Space by Pippalou, morguefile.com / Cropped from original

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