Selfies from the End of the World: The Line-up

Selfies from the End of the World, cover art, a girl with goggles

Cover art by Luke Spooner at Carrion House

In February, I posted about the Kickstarter for an anthology called Selfies from the End of the World: Historical Accounts of the Apocalypse. The project got its funding, and writers had the month of March to send in their submissions.

Earlier this month, the responses were sent out, and I received the wonderful news that my story Winter in My Bones was accepted!

Today, the line-up for the anthology was announced:

(in alphabetical order by first name):

Alexis J. Reed – “The Story of After”
B. T. Joy – “The Men on Eldama Ravine”
Brandon Nolta – “Elegy for a Mountain”
Caroline Yoachim – “An Impromptu Guide to Finding Your Soulmate at a Party on the Last Night of the World”
Charity Tahmaseb – “In a Manner of Speaking”
Dusty Wallace – “Not Even a Whimper”
Garrett Croker – “The Adventures of Zombiegirl”
Herb N. Legend – “Apocalypse in an Armoire”
J. C. Stearns – “Last Stop: Hanover”
Kate Elizabeth – “In Transit”
Kris Triana – “Dog Years”
M J Wesolowski – “Down There”
Mary Mascari – “Limbo”
Mathew Allan Garcia – “Bridge To Nowhere, Train For The Forgotten”
Matthew R. Davis – “Happy At the End”
Natalie Satakovski – “Streetcleaner”
Nathan Crowder – “The Last Real Man”
Nick Nafpliotis – “Soul Jam”
Nicole Tanquary – “Sounds of Silence”
Rhoads Brazos – “Our Blessed Commute”
Samantha Dunaway Bryant – “Smoke Scream”
Samuel Marzioli – “The Silence and the Worm”
Shivangi Narain – “Untitled”
Sylvia Heike – “Winter in My Bones”

I can’t wait to read these stories and see what sort of apocalyptic tales my fellow authors have come up with. :) Some indication is this previously announced breakdown of submissions. The list spans from natural disasters to pandemics, killer monsters, and wars.


Behind the Scenes: “In the Name of Art and Love”

Love locksThe idea behind my story “In the Name of Art and Love, published today in Seven Deadly Sins Anthology vol 1: Pride, is based on a truth.

As you may know, my story revolves around a theft of love locks. This actually happened a few years ago in a town in Finland, and I was reading about it in the papers at the time. A group of artists stole a bunch of love locks without asking. People were both hurt and furious and not just those whose locks had been stolen.

The theft and its motivation struck me as incredibly selfish and arrogant, and I was reminded of it when coming up with a story for the theme: Pride. It fit perfectly. I then created my own characters and constructed my own version of the events.

I still remember how strongly I felt about the theft even though it didn’t directly concern me. And while such theft is still unacceptable in my books, I have since come to realise that some bridges might be better off without the burden of love locks.

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