Guest Post and Micro Fiction at Precisely25

Yellow paintingI got asked a little while back by the lovely writer Sarah Squires if I wanted to do a guest post on Precisely25. I of course said yes. :)

Precisely25 publishes a piece of daily micro fiction only 25 words long. They are written by Sarah herself, but she has recently started including one guest post a month.

I think both the idea and content of her site are wonderful, and you should definitely check it out plus subscribe! Sarah’s writing leans towards the darker side of literary fiction, although not so dark that it will give you nightmares.

Twenty-five words are enough to tell a story. These stories take just seconds to read, but they linger, like the touch of a lost love.

Read my guest post “At The Louvre” and see what I’ve managed to create with 25 words. :)

Published: May 24, 2015

– Sylvia


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“Honeymoon in Atlantis” & “Siren Song” Published in The Fable Online

Two of my micro fiction stories have been published in The Fable Online. Honeymoon in Atlantis was published on April 29th, and Siren Song went live today, May 13th. They are both fantasy. (I also have a third one coming up a little later.)

The Fable Online

The Fable Online is a fledgling publication based in Dubai, run by editor-in-chief Sarah Kedar. In addition to their monthly online issues – three out so far – they publish a weekly piece of micro fiction on their website.

They publish flash fiction (including micro fiction),  short stories, and poetry. Genre-wise they prefer crime fiction, romance, literary, science fiction, fantasy, and thriller, but are encouraging submissions regardless of genre, excluding erotica. Read more in their submission guidelines.

In their own words:

The first monthly fiction-only online magazine based in Dubai, we are dedicated to entertaining our readers with creative short fiction and helping our writers find a home for their stories.

Check out their beautiful issues and growing collection of micro fiction. And if you write, consider submitting some of your work to them. :)

– Sylvia

The Rocky Road Beyond 25k

Four weeks ago I posted about reaching 25k with my novel draft. Things had been going smoothly enough, and to be honest, I was already half-expecting some bumps in the road. I think you can guess what happened next. Yup, the road got rocky. Suddenly my outline was no help, and I didn’t know how to navigate the following scenes. Since then I haven’t made much progress. Not in countable words, anyway.

Pencil pusher

Apart from some short fiction and good old procrastination, I’ve done something though which is a lot better than nothing:

– I’ve tidied and revised my outline, about 2/3 way through
– Added a few new scenes for the main character
– Added 2 point of views and some new scenes. These characters are already shown through my main characters eyes, but I think for the reader to understand them, I need to get into their head a little more. Showing some scenes with them where my main character isn’t present should help.
– Random planning, plotting, and trying to decide what and how and when.

Next I need to try and finish that outline (once again) and actually write all those new & remaining scenes. Make some progress towards finishing this first draft. But one thing I won’t be doing is polishing or revising my written scenes, messy and rough as they are. That would just get me stuck again.

– Sylvia


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Monthly Summary: April 2015

It’s time to share some monthly data! As you may remember from last month’s post, I’ve started openly sharing numbers about my website traffic, social media activity, and a few other things here on my blog.

But first, let’s take a look at the more ambiguous data aka my writing activities.

Writerly stuff

Red tulips

  • I have split my writing time between short fiction and my novel (a separate post coming soon about said novel-in-progress… and about hitting a rough patch.)
  • Seven Deadly Sins Anthology vol 1: Pride came out on April 1st. It includes my YA (non-speculative) short story “In The Name of Art and Love.” I also attended the virtual (FB) launch party for the anthology.
  • “Elephant’s Tears — For Raju,” a prose poem, was accepted by Unbroken Journal (P.S. It’s included in their May/June issue that came out today!)
  • 3 micro fiction pieces were accepted by The Fable Online, of which the first one, “Honeymoon in Atlantis,” went live on April 29th.
  • “Winter in My Bones,” a flash fiction story about the end of the world, was accepted for Selfies from the End of the World: Historical Accounts of the Apocalypse. (ETA September)
  • I submitted some other stories and received a few rejections, some responses still pending.
  • I wrote two new flash fiction stories (one of which experimental), and spent time revising a couple of old pieces of flash fiction, although I am unsure if that was worth it or not.
  • As usual, I have been scribbling down random ideas and notes for some new stories.
  • I saw a preview of the AMAZING super-cute art that will accompany my story “Trouble With Rabbits,” forthcoming in Mad Scientist Journal’s summer issue. (ETA July)
  • I was kindly nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Rebecca McKinnon.

Social media

Number of followers in social media (including change from last month):

Facebook fans: 83 (+16)
Facebook friends: 91 (+21)
Twitter: 2049 (+308)
Tweets: 1223 (+224)


Website traffic according to Google Analytics. (My own IP address is automatically filtered.)

Page loads: 349 (+179)  (847*)
Sessions: 262 (+136)  (646*)
Visitors: 211 (+93)  (568*)

*) Cumulative since the beginning of the year.

What have you been up to writing or reading-wise? :) Do you track your progress or just go with the flow? Are you taking part in Story A Day in May?

– Sylvia


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