Guest Post and Micro Fiction at Precisely25

Yellow paintingI got asked a little while back by the lovely writer Sarah Squires if I wanted to do a guest post on Precisely25. I of course said yes. :)

Precisely25 publishes a piece of daily micro fiction only 25 words long. They are written by Sarah herself, but she has recently started including one guest post a month.

I think both the idea and content of her site are wonderful, and you should definitely check it out plus subscribe! Sarah’s writing leans towards the darker side of literary fiction, although not so dark that it will give you nightmares.

Twenty-five words are enough to tell a story. These stories take just seconds to read, but they linger, like the touch of a lost love.

Read my guest post “At The Louvre” and see what I’ve managed to create with 25 words. :)

Published: May 24, 2015

– Sylvia


Image: Grunge Paint 5 by Billy Alexander,

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