“Honeymoon in Atlantis” & “Siren Song” Published in The Fable Online

Two of my micro fiction stories have been published in The Fable Online. Honeymoon in Atlantis was published on April 29th, and Siren Song went live today, May 13th. They are both fantasy. (I also have a third one coming up a little later.)

The Fable Online

The Fable Online is a fledgling publication based in Dubai, run by editor-in-chief Sarah Kedar. In addition to their monthly online issues – three out so far – they publish a weekly piece of micro fiction on their website.

They publish flash fiction (including micro fiction),  short stories, and poetry. Genre-wise they prefer crime fiction, romance, literary, science fiction, fantasy, and thriller, but are encouraging submissions regardless of genre, excluding erotica. Read more in their submission guidelines.

In their own words:

The first monthly fiction-only online magazine based in Dubai, we are dedicated to entertaining our readers with creative short fiction and helping our writers find a home for their stories.

Check out their beautiful issues and growing collection of micro fiction. And if you write, consider submitting some of your work to them. :)

– Sylvia

4 thoughts on ““Honeymoon in Atlantis” & “Siren Song” Published in The Fable Online

  1. Congratulations on the publication. :)
    I wrote an article for The Fable Online last March.
    The Fable Online is great because it’s giving other writers opportunities to be published.

    Hmmm, I’m actually thinking of writing about their page.
    So better start now. ;)

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