Monthly Summary: April 2015

It’s time to share some monthly data! As you may remember from last month’s post, I’ve started openly sharing numbers about my website traffic, social media activity, and a few other things here on my blog.

But first, let’s take a look at the more ambiguous data aka my writing activities.

Writerly stuff

Red tulips

  • I have split my writing time between short fiction and my novel (a separate post coming soon about said novel-in-progress… and about hitting a rough patch.)
  • Seven Deadly Sins Anthology vol 1: Pride came out on April 1st. It includes my YA (non-speculative) short story “In The Name of Art and Love.” I also attended the virtual (FB) launch party for the anthology.
  • “Elephant’s Tears — For Raju,” a prose poem, was accepted by Unbroken Journal (P.S. It’s included in their May/June issue that came out today!)
  • 3 micro fiction pieces were accepted by The Fable Online, of which the first one, “Honeymoon in Atlantis,” went live on April 29th.
  • “Winter in My Bones,” a flash fiction story about the end of the world, was accepted for Selfies from the End of the World: Historical Accounts of the Apocalypse. (ETA September)
  • I submitted some other stories and received a few rejections, some responses still pending.
  • I wrote two new flash fiction stories (one of which experimental), and spent time revising a couple of old pieces of flash fiction, although I am unsure if that was worth it or not.
  • As usual, I have been scribbling down random ideas and notes for some new stories.
  • I saw a preview of the AMAZING super-cute art that will accompany my story “Trouble With Rabbits,” forthcoming in Mad Scientist Journal’s summer issue. (ETA July)
  • I was kindly nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Rebecca McKinnon.

Social media

Number of followers in social media (including change from last month):

Facebook fans: 83 (+16)
Facebook friends: 91 (+21)
Twitter: 2049 (+308)
Tweets: 1223 (+224)


Website traffic according to Google Analytics. (My own IP address is automatically filtered.)

Page loads: 349 (+179)  (847*)
Sessions: 262 (+136)  (646*)
Visitors: 211 (+93)  (568*)

*) Cumulative since the beginning of the year.

What have you been up to writing or reading-wise? :) Do you track your progress or just go with the flow? Are you taking part in Story A Day in May?

– Sylvia


Image: Red tulips by Sander Klaver, Cropped from original.

3 thoughts on “Monthly Summary: April 2015

  1. Yes, you shall flaunt your 31 new stories while I may have jotted down a flash or two (and hopefully some novel). ;) Perhaps I could try A Scene A Day though…

    p.s. After posting, I realised the prose poem publication shouldn’t be in the April summary as it came out only today. Oh well. Maybe I’ll revise the post.

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