Monthly Summary: May 2015

Here are some notes and numbers about May. As you may be remember, I began posting this information inspired by Mad Scientist Journal. Now, a writer and blogger friend of mine, Rebecca N. McKinnon, has followed my example and has started doing a similar thing. :) Her first post on the subject is here.

Writerly stuff

  • Spiraea BushA prose poem, “Elephant’s Tears — For Raju“, was published in Unbroken Journal’s May/June issue (May 1st)
  • A micro fiction, “Siren Song“, was published in The Fable Online (May 13th)
  • A guest post aka a 25-word micro fiction “At The Louvre” was published at Precisely25 (May 24th)
  • 1st place in a writing contest that grants my flash fiction “Not All Who Wander Are Lost” publication in the sponsoring e-zine, freeze frame fiction. The story will be in their YA themed special issue that comes out August 15th! I am super excited about this; happy squeaks early on a Monday morning when I found out as proof.
  • Third place in a small monthly flash fiction contest (in a workshop) with a “crazy little girl” story. I’ll let you know when I get it actually published. :)
  • Acceptance from Pidgeonholes for “The Gardener“. This 300-ish-word flash fiction story will be published during #Microvember on their site, on November 19th.
  • Wrote and entered a flash fiction story into a contest. Numerous winning stories will be picked up for the “Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth” anthology. So I might get in or I might not, but I had a lot of FUN writing a little experimental story featuring vampires AND zombies AND ghosts. You’ll understand why when you see it. If the judges don’t run screaming or laugh themselves to death.
  • Wrote a few flash fiction half-drafts. Not sure if they are going anywhere. Maybe I’ll steal the good lines for my novel. Wrote a short poem. Also, could probably fit this as a metaphor in my novel.
  • Been trying to polish and revise the “3rd place runner up” for actual submissions. I have my eye on a contest with its deadline in June.
  • To list an exact number of submissions, acceptances, and rejections, I’d have to dig deep in Duotrope, but I know there has been a few each or so. I might pull up a number at the end of the year.


  • Lately, I’ve been finding it incredibly hard to concentrate. On the novel, in particular. It isn’t something I can jump in and out of and multi-task.
  • As a solution, a few days ago I locked myself in a room with fiancé’s old Macbook Pro laptop to write on the sofa. (I barely know how to use a Mac.) Result: Blissful silence. A fresh breeze and birdsong coming in through the window. No computer noise. No internet bookmarks. So yes, it worked, and writing time proved much more fruitful. :) Now I just need to make that a daily-ish thing. (And remember to take back-ups.)
  • I’ve decided to cut down on writing flash fiction, because I want to — need to — give the novel a higher priority.

Social media

Number of followers in social media (including change from last month):

Facebook fans: 89 (+6)
Facebook friends: 97 (+6)
Twitter: 2383 (+334)
Tweets: No longer going to be tracking this here.


Website traffic according to Google Analytics, (compared to last month) (My own IP address is automatically filtered.)

Page loads: 425 (+76)
Sessions: 375 (+113)
Visitors: 354 (+143)

I am surprised the numbers are higher than April’s because I feel like May was quieter somehow. I’m sadly aware of spam bots inflating those numbers, but when I looked into it (quite extensively), it just seems like it’s way too much work to filter them all, and some will still get through. I’d rather spend my time writing.

I am going to list the cumulative numbers only at the end of the year from now on, because three sums side by side were getting a bit difficult to decipher.

– Sylvia


Image: © 2015 Flowering Spiraea bush by Sylvia Heike.