The Trouble with Rabbits up on Mad Scientist Journal’s Website

A few weeks ago, I blogged about Mad Scientist Journal’s Summer Issue coming out. It includes my bunny-approved flash fiction story, “The Trouble with Rabbits.”

Mad Scientist Journal publishes a new story on their website every Monday, and today’s my turn. The story is free to read on their website, accompanied with an amazing and adorable (too cute!) artwork by Shannon Legler. (Be warned — on her website you will find real monsters rather than monstrous cuteness!)

Art by Shannon Legler - for The Trouble with Rabbits by Sylvia Heike

Art by Shannon Legler

I am providing a small version of Shannon’s artwork here with permission — check out the full-size version with the story.

» Read “The Trouble with Rabbits” on Mad Scientist Journal’s website

– Sylvia

Flash Fury Winner

flashfury_finalMy flash fiction story, “Goodbye, Sunshine,” has won first place in Molotov Cocktail’s Flash Fury Contest! This is such a HUGE honour that I am honestly stunned. Thank you, Editor Josh Goller and co-judge(s) for loving this unsettling piece of writing.

Other prize winners are: Lisa Fagaly with “Cloud Rage” (second place) and Layla Al-Bedawi with “Midgut Rock” (third place.)

Honorable Mentions (4th to 10th) were given to: Fred Senese, Melissa Monks, Lindsay Dick, Heidi Sterling, Joseph Grantham, Kyle Yadlowski, and Holly Collingwood. Congratulations! I hear it was an incredibly tight race. (Complete results here.)

The Flash Fury mega issue with all ten stories is live on Molotov Cocktail’s website: go read it. In addition, a special print anthology of all prize winners will be coming out this September.

Molotov Cocktail holds two themed flash fiction contests a year. Flash Fury was their fourth, with the fifth one, another Flash Monster opening up soon.

– Sylvia

Encouraging Thunder Blogger Award

Encouraging Thunder Blogger AwardI have been nominated for the Encouraging Thunder Blogger Award by Miss Cassiopeia. She writes an intriguing blog that deals with psychology and mental matters. Her specialty in the blog is analysing the core relationships in romantic movies.

The Encouraging Thunder is an award for people who have mastered their purpose.

What can you do with the Encouraging Thunder award?

  • Post it on your blog or social media account
  • Grant others with the award

What you should do after receiving Encouraging Thunder award:

  • Enjoy the award
  • Thank the person who has nominated you
  • Mention your purpose in blogging/social media

My purpose in blogging and social media

I have had this blog for about a year. Mostly I post updates about my writing or publications. I also want to promote magazines that have deemed my writing worthy of publishing, especially smaller publications that rely on social media to spread the word.

On Twitter, I want to promote other writers, magazines, and writing that I enjoy, in addition to including links to my own writing. But most of all I’m there just to listen and chat and keep up with the world. I want to connect and share things with other people.

With my writing and this blog, I want to encourage people to follow their love of writing and not give up. I haven’t really made a big deal out of it, but I write in English as a second language. I’ve only been writing short fiction for about a year. I have learned SO MUCH during this year that it’s insane. Through writing, mostly, but what’s really made a huge difference is getting feedback.

So if *I* can get published, several times even, YOU can do it. You just need to try and keep trying. I stepped on this journey oblivious to whether I had any skill at all, or if I could climb over the language barrier. But any skill will grow and refine if you use it. I think for me, having to rule out perfection and mile-high expectations right off the bat has given me freedom to have fun with writing and see where this can go.

In fact, I have a pretty cool post coming about a recent development very soon!


I find these writers are always helpful and encouraging to others within the writing community as well as on their blogs. Thus I pass the honour of the Encouraging Thunder Award to them (if they accept):

– Sylvia

Mad Scientist Journal Summer 2015 Issue Out Now

Mad Scientist Journal Summer 2015 CoverMad Scientist Journal’s latest issue, Summer 2015, is out! My flash fiction story, “The Trouble With Rabbits,” is in it.

You can get the magazine from the following outlets: Amazon (Print, Kindle), Barnes & Noble (Print, Nook), Kobo, iBookstore, and Smashwords.

In addition, every week a new story will be featured on MSJ’s website and free to read. I will let you know when my story is up. It will have the most gorgeous and adorable artwork accompanying it. Unfortunately this art is not included in the magazine, but the magazine offers other special content that won’t be on the website.

“The Trouble With Rabbits”

I wrote this story nearly a year ago. As I sat down to write it, I faced some rabbit-related trouble of my own. And no it wasn’t a matter of mysteriously nibbled books. I have pet rabbits and feel strongly about these wonderful fluffy animals and their well-being.

So what to do when my story idea was begging for lab rabbits? No way was I going to write the cruel cliché: lab rabbits in tiny cages. Even those words are a horror story to me. So I did something a little different. The rabbits in my story are well looked after and live in spacious pens; never in cages. They may only be story rabbits, but it’s the least I could do.

Here’s proof that my story is bunny approved:

Mad Scientist Journal Summer 2015 With A Real Bunny

– Sylvia

Monthly Summary: June 2015

White flowerI’ve been travelling and spending time with family at the beginning of the month so this post comes out a little late. You will notice there are some changes compared to last month. I’m purposely scaling down the contents of future monthly summary posts back to basics: stats.

Honestly, I don’t like how the last few summaries turned out. Too list-like and borderline … braggy. That was never my intention. My goal was to follow Mad Scientist Journal’s example of posting monthly numbers in the name of transparency.

Rather than cramming all information together, I will be announcing new publications separately in their own posts and hopefully will find the time to share a few other things with you every now and then, too.

As of today, I have deactivated my Facebook profile and account. Why? I have many reasons, but one of them is my strong dislike for what Facebook has become, especially since 2014. Facebook blocks content and won’t show it to everyone. It aggressively tries to sell you ads and make you pay to promote your posts. It mines your data, shows you endless annoying ads, and is iffy about privacy. These are just some of the reasons on my list.

If you’re interested in further details, I recommend this post by author Adam Dreece: “Why I abandoned Facebook as an author.”

Social media

Number of followers in social media (including change from last month):

Facebook fans: N/A
Facebook friends: N/A
Twitter: 2759 (+376)

So after my Facebook presence is gone, it looks pretty barren here now, doesn’t it? I still have Pinterest, but with barely anything there. I have thought about getting Instagram because it would offer a neat, browsable way to share pictures. (Maggie Stiefvater’s instagram is so cool. What a wonderful gift to be able to write and draw!)

A mailing list / newsletter is something I have been thinking of having. It’s not dependant on any platform but myself.


Website traffic according to Google Analytics, (compared to last month.) (My own IP address is automatically filtered.)

Sessions: 756  (+381)
Visitors: 704 (+350)
Page loads: 872 (+447)

June’s website traffic numbers are so inflated and skewed by spam bots it’s ridiculous. In reality, there were much fewer visits.

– Sylvia


Image: Flower by Brano Hudak,