Mad Scientist Journal Summer 2015 Issue Out Now

Mad Scientist Journal Summer 2015 CoverMad Scientist Journal’s latest issue, Summer 2015, is out! My flash fiction story, “The Trouble With Rabbits,” is in it.

You can get the magazine from the following outlets: Amazon (Print, Kindle), Barnes & Noble (Print, Nook), Kobo, iBookstore, and Smashwords.

In addition, every week a new story will be featured on MSJ’s website and free to read. I will let you know when my story is up. It will have the most gorgeous and adorable artwork accompanying it. Unfortunately this art is not included in the magazine, but the magazine offers other special content that won’t be on the website.

“The Trouble With Rabbits”

I wrote this story nearly a year ago. As I sat down to write it, I faced some rabbit-related trouble of my own. And no it wasn’t a matter of mysteriously nibbled books. I have pet rabbits and feel strongly about these wonderful fluffy animals and their well-being.

So what to do when my story idea was begging for lab rabbits? No way was I going to write the cruel cliché: lab rabbits in tiny cages. Even those words are a horror story to me. So I did something a little different. The rabbits in my story are well looked after and live in spacious pens; never in cages. They may only be story rabbits, but it’s the least I could do.

Here’s proof that my story is bunny approved:

Mad Scientist Journal Summer 2015 With A Real Bunny

– Sylvia

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  1. Awww! Your bunny is so cute! We used to have two bunnies, but they died of old age. Their names are Chloe and the other one is I can’t remember. I was a little girl then. They’re so cute and fluffy.

    Congratulations on the story! :)

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