Monthly Summary: June 2015

White flowerI’ve been travelling and spending time with family at the beginning of the month so this post comes out a little late. You will notice there are some changes compared to last month. I’m purposely scaling down the contents of future monthly summary posts back to basics: stats.

Honestly, I don’t like how the last few summaries turned out. Too list-like and borderline … braggy. That was never my intention. My goal was to follow Mad Scientist Journal’s example of posting monthly numbers in the name of transparency.

Rather than cramming all information together, I will be announcing new publications separately in their own posts and hopefully will find the time to share a few other things with you every now and then, too.

As of today, I have deactivated my Facebook profile and account. Why? I have many reasons, but one of them is my strong dislike for what Facebook has become, especially since 2014. Facebook blocks content and won’t show it to everyone. It aggressively tries to sell you ads and make you pay to promote your posts. It mines your data, shows you endless annoying ads, and is iffy about privacy. These are just some of the reasons on my list.

If you’re interested in further details, I recommend this post by author Adam Dreece: “Why I abandoned Facebook as an author.”

Social media

Number of followers in social media (including change from last month):

Facebook fans: N/A
Facebook friends: N/A
Twitter: 2759 (+376)

So after my Facebook presence is gone, it looks pretty barren here now, doesn’t it? I still have Pinterest, but with barely anything there. I have thought about getting Instagram because it would offer a neat, browsable way to share pictures. (Maggie Stiefvater’s instagram is so cool. What a wonderful gift to be able to write and draw!)

A mailing list / newsletter is something I have been thinking of having. It’s not dependant on any platform but myself.


Website traffic according to Google Analytics, (compared to last month.) (My own IP address is automatically filtered.)

Sessions: 756  (+381)
Visitors: 704 (+350)
Page loads: 872 (+447)

June’s website traffic numbers are so inflated and skewed by spam bots it’s ridiculous. In reality, there were much fewer visits.

– Sylvia


Image: Flower by Brano Hudak,

4 thoughts on “Monthly Summary: June 2015

  1. “Honestly, I don’t like how the last few summaries turned out. Too list-like and borderline … braggy.”

    You’re your biggest critic, remember that. I would bet your readers didn’t think so harshly of those posts. I know I didn’t!

    You know I agree on Facebook.

    As far as Instagram goes, I heard they’re owned by Facebook? I don’t know the validity of that rumor though and haven’t researched it. I personally decided to get an Instagram after I deactivated my Facebook. My friends on there told me it was a much more positive and succinct experience. I agree with their assessment thus far and don’t spend nearly as much time on there as I used to on Facebook.

  2. It’s better to post about things as they happen anyway. :) Instagram seems cool because the content you add will be nice and browseable anytime and won’t become almost instantly “outdated” like on FB/Twitter.

  3. I agree about Facebook, now, I only keep mine active because of my friends in high school and college, but I’m only online when I need to message someone about something or if it’s urgent.

    Instagram is much better, and you will meet more like-minded people.

    I wish there are other places to share blog content where people will read, comment, and share.

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