Cover Reveal – Seven Deadly Sins Vol 2: Sloth

It’s time to reveal the cover of Seven Deadly Sins Vol 2: Sloth! Isn’t it gorgeous?

The cover is made by Luke Spooner at Carrion House. Luke also made the cover for the first installment in the series: Seven Deadly Sins Vol 1: Pride. And no, it’s not the wrong way up. She’s sleeping. I have an additional personal interpretation though. The cover makes you ask questions which are so fitting when you see that the theme is… sloth! Quite clever.

At the top of the picture, you can see the names of the 14 authors whose stories will be in the anthology. My name’s there too: my flash fiction story called “Natural Enemies” will be in the book. Here’s the tagline:

Zombies aren’t the only thing wanting to eat you in the woods, but no one believes a teenager.

Seven Deadly Sins Vol 2: Sloth Cover

The publication date should be around the end of October or early November. For more frequent news on the anthology, check out the official site:

– Sylvia

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