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“Forestborn” – Gamut #2


Curse Upon a Star” – The Molotov Cocktail *free to read*


“The Gardener” – Pidgeonholes #microvember & Vol 4: Kintsugi *free to read*

“Natural Enemies” – Seven Deadly Sins Anthology Vol 2: Sloth (Amazon link)

“Winter In My Bones” – Selfies from the End of the World: Historical Accounts of the Apocalypse (Amazon link)

Not All Who Wander Are Lost” – freeze frame fiction: Special Volume v2 YA *free to read*

Brother, Unseen” – Luna Station Quarterly #23 (Amazon link*free to read*

Memories Visit Us” – Page & Spine (poetry) *free to read*

Goodbye, Sunshine” – The Molotov Cocktail & The Molotov Cocktail: Prize Winners Anthology  (Amazon link*free to read*
[Flash Fury Contest Winner] [Nominated for the Pushcart Prize] 

The Trouble With Rabbits” – Mad Scientist Journal: Summer 2015 (Amazon link*free to read*

“Unraveled” – The Fable Online & The Fable Online Microfiction Volume I *free to read*

Eyes Of A Hawk – Indies Unlimited 2014 Flash Fiction Anthology *free to read*

“Siren Song” – The Fable Online & The Fable Online Microfiction Volume I *free to read*

“Elephant’s Tears; For Raju” – Unbroken Journal: Issue 3 May/June 2015 (prose poetry) *free to read*
[Nominated for Best of the Net: Creative nonfiction]

“Honeymoon In Atlantis” – The Fable Online & The Fable Online Microfiction Volume I *free to read*

“In The Name of Art and Love” – Seven Deadly Sins Anthology Vol 1: Pride (Amazon link)

Life Of Luxury” – SpeckLit *free to read*

Yellowed Paper” – Melancholy Hyperbole (poetry) *free to read*

“Where It’s Always Sunday” – Unbroken Journal: Issue 2 March/April 2015 (prose poetry) *free to read*

Fire And Brimstone” – SpeckLit *free to read*

Dead In Space” – SpeckLit *free to read*

“Services Offered: Driving Lessons” – Mad Scientist Journal: Winter 2015 (Amazon link)

The House Robot” – SpeckLit *free to read*

His Two Shadows” – SpeckLit *free to read*


“For Sale: One-Way Time Machine” – Mad Scientist Journal: Autumn 2014 (Amazon link)

No Good Will” – SpeckLit *free to read*

Beginning” – 101 Fiction *free to read*

Exile” – 101 Fiction *free to read*

Green As Apples” – SpeckLit *free to read*

Two Left Feet” – SpeckLit *free to read*

Mother?” – Flash Fiction Magazine *free to read*

Covers & Illustrations

A gallery of book/magazine covers and illustrations related to my published stories.