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Read My Stories At Curious Fictions

Happy May Day! I have some news. I have joined the ranks of other authors at Curious Fictions. Curious Fictions is a platform that brings together authors and readers of short fiction, all in one place. Authors are vetted, so the quality of the stories remains high.

There are many ways to support authors on the website such as optional tips. All my stories on the site will, at least for now, be available for free. I wouldn’t say no to a comment or a like though! It’s always great to hear when a reader has read something of mine.

My first story on the site is a reprint, “Not All Who Wander Are Lost”. It’s a young adult fantasy flash fiction, about a boy who meets a mysterious girl in the magical Midsummer night. You can expect a few more reprints in the same vein in the spring/summer.

– Sylvia

Frozen Adornments: Poetry and Prose of Winter and Wonder

Two of my stories have been published in an anthology by The Lit Up Press: “My Mother’s Gingerbread” and “Merry Christmas With A Little Celestial Help.”

The first story, “My Mother’s Gingerbread” features a traditional gingerbread cookie recipe which I can guarantee makes delicious cookies. It’s a quiet story of tradition, family, and longing, set in a kitchen. The second one, “Merry Christmas With A Little Celestial Help” is a sweet and melancholy tale of a heavenly being looking after a little girl and her father on Christmas eve. Her eagerness to bring them happiness and joy, overlooking a few celestial rules in the process, causes all sorts of trouble.

The anthology is called Frozen Adornments: Poetry and Prose of Winter and Wonder, and is available on Amazon (and Amazon UK) as a paperback & for Kindle. It features a collection of wonderful Christmas and winter themed stories and poetry, most of which have previously appeared on Lit Up.

Many thanks to the editors (Diamaya Dawn, A.Maguire, Pat Link, Chris Drew, Annie Caldwell) for putting together this anthology!


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