Would you like to read something I wrote but aren’t sure where to start?
Here are some of my favourite stories that I think you’ll enjoy, free to read online.

We Are the MoorFlash Fiction Online (2020)

We are one and we are many. We are shrubby willow and cotton-grass; we are moss and heather. All we need is this peaceful state of being. Enjoy the sun, listen to the birds, drink the mist. But there’s a new voice among us, and she won’t let us rest.

“Beautifully sad and remarkably sincere.”
Alex Brown, Tor.com

The moor itself speaks to us in this lovely, haunting love-and-ghost story … Gorgeous and moving.”
Maria Haskins, SFFH Short Fiction Roundup

It’s an evocative and yearning story, a haunting told from the other side, and it’s a great read!”
Charles Payseur, Quick Sip Reviews

“This is a poetic and gently melancholy tale, full of sincere emotion and appreciation for nature.”
Victoria Silverwolf, Tangent Online


The Bones And Their Girl — Syntax & Salt (2019)

She wishes her bones, too, were beautiful like them. But the bones in her shoulder bloom like coral, growing with a plan of their own. They want her to die.

A lyrical and evocative piece that is both gentle and piercing.”
Maria Haskins, review

Such a strange, gorgeous, and mysterious flash piece of bones and the girl who contains them. Haunting.”
Vanessa Fogg, review


Beneath Her Sweet Roots Curious Fictions, originally appeared in The Mad River (2019)

The small creature shifts in his nest, hungry for summer fruit, hungry for anything at all. His eyes are pinched tight, his sleep ragged and light.


Not All Who Wander Are Lost Curious Fictions, originally appeared in freeze frame fiction (2015)

I found you wandering along a bridge in the light-as-day Midsummer night. Your white dress and waist-long hair swayed in the breeze, and I couldn’t let you pass till your lips parted with your name. You said it was Therese, but it might as well have been a breath of an ancient language no longer spoken.


Mother? — Lit Up, originally appeared in Flash Fiction Magazine (2014)

I am born without sight. My first sensations of the world consist only of what I sense with my remaining four: the warmth of my mother and twin brother, the faint, lingering smell of strange foods on her breath, the creamy, almost nutty-sweet taste of mother’s milk…


Goodbye, Sunshine — The Molotov Cocktail (2015)

What are you up to, Becky? Colouring merry little suns in the day room again? When are you going to learn that no amount of Daffodil Yellow is going to heal the fracture that hides inside you. I’m already in.

Flash Fury Contest Winner. Nominated for the Pushcart Prize.


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