Short Stories & Flash Fiction

When the Head Comes Knocking

PodCastle (Forthcoming)

We Are the Moor

Flash Fiction Online (Feb 2020) (Buy on Amazon / Weightless Books / From Publisher)
— Flash Fiction Online 2020 Anthology (Mar 2021) (Buy on Amazon / from Publisher)

Lonely Are the Years

Lit Up (Oct 2019)

The Bones and Their Girl

Syntax & Salt (Mar 2019)
Flash Fiction Online (Jun 2021) (Buy on Amazon / Weightless Books / from Publisher)

Beneath Her Sweet Roots

The Mad River (Jan 2019)
Curious Fictions (Jun 2020)

Merry Christmas with a Little Celestial Help

Lit Up (Dec 2018)
Frozen Adornments: Poetry and Prose of Winter and Wonder (Jan 2020) (Buy on Amazon)

The Red Envelope

Lit Up (Feb 2018)

My Mother’s Gingerbread

Lit Up (Dec 2017)
Frozen Adornments: Poetry and Prose of Winter and Wonder (Jan 2020) (Buy on Amazon)


Gamut (Feb 2017)
Event Horizon 2018, an anthology of authors eligible for the 2018 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer (Mar 2018)
Luna Station Quarterly (Jun 2021) (Buy on Amazon / Weightless Books / from Publisher)

Curse Upon a Star

The Molotov Cocktail (Feb 2016)

Natural Enemies

Seven Deadly Sins Anthology Vol 2: Sloth (Oct 2015) (Buy on Amazon)

Winter in My Bones

Selfies from the End of the World: Historical Accounts of the Apocalypse (Sep 2015) (Buy on Amazon)

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

freeze frame fiction (Sep 2015)
Curious Fictions (May 2020)
Wonder Woods (Apr 2020)

Brother, Unseen

Luna Station Quarterly (Aug 2015) (Buy on Amazon / Weightless Books)

Goodbye, Sunshine

The Molotov Cocktail (Jul 2015)
The Molotov Cocktail Prize Winners Anthology (Oct 2015) (Buy on Amazon)
— [Flash Fury Contest Winner]
— [Nominated for the Pushcart Prize]

The Trouble With Rabbits

Mad Scientist Journal (Jun 2015) (Buy on Amazon)

In the Name of Art and Love

Seven Deadly Sins Anthology Vol 1: Pride (Apr 2015) (Buy on Amazon)


Flash Fiction Magazine (Aug 2014)
Lit Up (Jan 2018)
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Micro Fiction (under 300 words)

The Last Dream

Martian Magazine (Forthcoming)

Machine Learning

Stupefying Stories (May 2020)
— Martian Magazine (Forthcoming)

The GardenerPidgeonholes (2015)
Unraveled The Fable Online (2015)
Eyes of a Hawk Indies Unlimited Flash Fiction Anthology (2015)
Siren SongThe Fable Online (2015)
Honeymoon in AtlantisThe Fable Online (2015)
Life of LuxurySpeckLit (2015)
Fire and BrimstoneSpeckLit (2015)
Dead in SpaceSpeckLit (2015)
Services Offered: Driving LessonsMad Scientist Journal (2015)
The House RobotSpeckLit (2015)
His Two ShadowsSpeckLit (2015)
For Sale: One-Way Time MachineMad Scientist Journal (2014)
No Good WillSpeckLit (2014)
Beginning101 Fiction (2014)
Exile101 Fiction (2014)
Green as ApplesSpeckLit (2014)
Two Left FeetSpeckLit (2014)

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