My flash fiction story, “The Bones and Their Girl,” is in the Spring issue of Syntax & Salt that came out today.

Stories featured in this issue:

Outfield by Hal Y. Zhang
Those Fantastic Lives by Bradley Sides
Fallow by Erin K. Wagner
Maid-of-Many-Skins by G.V. Anderson
Objective: Understanding by Alyssa N. Vaughn
The Bones and Their Girl by Sylvia Heike
Goldengrove Unleaving by Dafydd McKimm
He Thinks He Knows Me by Rich Ives
Timelines by L’Erin Ogle

My little story is in great company!

One of the reasons I’m so happy to get published by this magazine is not only the fabulous authors and stories they publish, but also the staff behind the scenes. Always friendly and professional plus supportive on social media. I know my story’s in good hands.