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Month: April 2022

“Machine Learning” Republished in Martian Magazine

My microfic, “Machine Learning,” is out today in Martian Magazine.

This is one of my favourite tiny tales I’ve written, originally published by Stupefying Stories and reviewed by Maria Haskins. Glad to have found it a second home.

This story is also available in Martian Magazine Issue 4 and Martian Magazine Year 1 on Amazon.

Out now: Martian Year 1

Out now: Martian Year 1, a collection of 81 tiny science fiction stories from the magazine’s first year. Edited by Eric Fomley. Contains two of my tiny tales, “The Last Dream” and “Machine Learning.”

Available from Amazon


Out now: Martian Magazine Issue 4

Out now: Martian Magazine Issue 4, a collection of SF drabbles, including a reprint of my drabble, “Machine Learning.

Available from Amazon