Here’s my awards eligibility post 2023. I had four new short fiction pieces published this year that are eligible for most awards such as Nebula, Hugo, Locus, and more in the Short Fiction category.

I love them all, but “Quantum Love” has seemed to be the reader favourite so far this year.

They’re all free to read online:

:blue_heart:Quantum Love” (990 words) in Flash Fiction Online – A lighthearted SF story about a quantum computer in love with a scientist.

:heart:Midsummer Magic” (1010 words) in Hexagon Magazine – A tad experimental love story with (traditional Finnish) Midsummer spells that foretell your future spouse. All but one spell in the story are real! :wink: Best of the Net nominated. :smiling_face_with_tear:

:purple_heart:The Swallow Upon My Summers” (1735 words) in Zooscape – a wistful tale of a girl longing for and reconnecting with her flighty mother.

:black_heart:Soulbirds” (1320 words) in Apparition Lit – a little horror with winter birds and running away from a family that won’t let you go.

Thank you for your consideration (or just for reading any of them)!

P.S. If you’re a SFWA member, you can give your favourite a thumbs up on the Nebula reading list.