Flash Fiction Online came out with a new anthology last month, edited by Suzanne W. Vincent, collecting all the stories published in 2020, including one of mine, “We Are the Moor.”

The anthology includes stories from: Stewart C Baker, Samuel Barnhart, Rebecca, Birch, R.K. Duncan, Sam Dunnington,Corey Farrenkopf, Lora Gray, Maria Haskins, Dayla Haynes, Bryce Heckman, Sylvia Heike, Audrey R. Hollis, Jennifer Hudak, Juliet Kemp, G.T. Knight, Melanie Lau, Tara Lazar, Sheila Massie, Dafydd McKimm, Nancy Moir, Wendy Nikel, Hailey Piper, Kyle Richardson, Elsa Richardson-Bach, Kelly Sandoval, T.R. Siebert, A.C. Spahn, Renée Jessica Tan, Angela Teagardner, Cathy Tenzo, David Urbina, Marie Vibbert, Filip Wiltgren

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