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Out now: Martian Year 1

Out now: Martian Year 1, a collection of 81 tiny science fiction stories from the magazine’s first year. Edited by Eric Fomley. Contains two of my tiny tales, “The Last Dream” and “Machine Learning.”

Available from Amazon


Out now: Martian Magazine Issue 4

Out now: Martian Magazine Issue 4, a collection of SF drabbles, including a reprint of my drabble, “Machine Learning.

Available from Amazon

Out now: Martian Magazine Issue 3

Out now: Martian Magazine Issue 3, a collection of SF drabbles published on the magazine’s website, including my drabble, “The Last Dream.” Delighted to see my name on the cover!

Available from Amazon


“We Are the Moor” Reprinted in Haven Spec Magazine

One of my most favourite stories, “We Are the Moor,” has found a new loving home @ Haven Spec Magazine. It first appeared in Flash Fiction Online in early 2020.

Buy the issue from the publisher on Ko-fi or read online. Also available to Patrons of Haven Spec Magazine

Flash Fiction Online 2021 Anthology Is Out

The Flash Fiction Online 2021 Anthology is out! It has two of my stories in it: “The Bones and Their Girl” and “Beneath Her Sweet Roots.”

The anthology spans multiple genres from literary to fantasy, science fiction, and horror. It also contains behind-the-scenes interviews from the authors.

It’s available from the Publisher.

“The Last Dream” Published in Martian Magazine

Today I have a tiny tale in Martian Magazine called “The Last Dream.”

As far as I know, it’s my last story coming out in 2021. At 100 words, it’s almost too short to describe without spoilers, but the characters are an estranged father and daughter and the genre is “feely SF.” I hope you enjoy it!

You can read the story here.

Awards Eligibility Post 2021

I had a handful of original stories published this year, but many of them very, very short. So it’s no surprise my personal favourite and best candidate this year is a flash as well:

Birding With My Human” hatched in Nature Futures in July, and I’d be thrilled if you considered it for awards & noms. Thank you!

It is eligible for Hugo, Nebula, and Locus Awards (and possibly others) in the Short Story category.

The setting in the story is based on a real location (a lake and a bird tower) and much of the story was inspired by my own birding experiences.

You can read the story here (SF, 980 words)

“When the Head Comes Knocking” Review at Quick Sip Reviews

Charles Payseur at Quick Sip Reviews said some nice things about my Headless-Horseman-inspired flash, “When the Head Comes Knocking,” which appeared in PodCastle last month. He called it “cute and funny” as well as a “fine read!”

Thank you, Charles!

You can read the review here

“When the Head Comes Knocking” Published in PodCastle

PodCastle episode 701 is here which means my story, a little flash tale inspired by the Headless Horseman, is out! You can listen & read “When the Head Comes Knocking” on the PodCastle website or get the episode on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, and Stitcher.

I’m so grateful to editor Craig Jackson for picking this story and to Srikripa Krishna Prasad for beautifully narrating it. And of course very excited to see this story out in the world. It’s my first story in PodCastle and the second time something of mine has been turned into audio. Enjoy!

“Hell of a Hound” Published in Lit Up

As the nights darken and the Halloween season draws near, I have a new flash in Lit Up called “Hell of a Hound.” I hope you like it!

Image: Daniel Lincoln, Unsplash

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