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“Birding With My Human” Published in Nature Futures

Exciting news! I have a brand new story out today in Nature Futures, “Birding With My Human.” This story combines my love of birds, birdwatching, and jumbled thoughts and feelings about both the benefit and overwhelming presence of technology in our lives.

You can read more about the inspiration behind the story on the Nature website. In a nutshell, the setting where the story takes place is real—the lake, the tower, the birds.

The story is free to read online here. It’ll also be in the digital version of Nature: Volume 595 Issue 7866, 8 July 2021.

Thank you for reading!


Two Stories Featured on #sfstoryoftheday

Two of my stories were recently featured on #sfstoryoftheday, a daily story recommendation curated by M.A. Blanchard on Twitter: “The Bones and Their Girl” on June 14th and “Forestborn” on June 26th.

Author Interview at Luna Station Quarterly

My interview with Jen Gheller at Luna Station Quarterly is out today.

I talk about the inspiration behind my short story “Forestborn,” my writing process, and hares.

“The Bones and Their Girl” Out Now in Flash Fiction Online

Just a quick note to let you know that my story, “The Bones and Their Girl,” is out nowand free to readin Flash Fiction Online. You can read it here.

Two Reprints Out Today in Luna Station Quarterly & Flash Fiction Online

It’s a double news kind of day! I have two reprints out today: “Forestborn” in Luna Station Quarterly #046 and “The Bones and Their Girl” in Flash Fiction Online.


Forestborn” will always be special to me because it was my first pro-published story (originally appearing in Gamut). Years later, I still consider it one of my better stories. It’s a tale of love, persistence, homemaking, and letting go, taking place in a cabin in the forest.

I’m so happy to share it with you now—this is the first time it’s available to read online for free.

Read “Forestborn” on the Luna Station Quarterly website and/or buy the beautiful issue on Amazon, Weightless Books, or from the Publisher on Gumroad.


The Bones and Their Girl” first appeared in Syntax & Salt, and now you can read it again in the Special Reprint Issue of Flash Fiction Online (June 2021) edited by Samantha L. Strong. This story deals with love, secrets, death, vulnerability, and hidden hope, featuring two lovers, art, and bones.

Each month, Flash Fiction Online posts a new story on their website on Fridays, and mine will be up on June 11. If you can’t wait, grab a copy of the issue on Amazon, Weightless Books, or directly from the Publisher.

“Machine Learning” Published on Stupefying Stories

What happens when a group of writers are challenged to write a 100-word story that revolves around the line “Wish you were here”?

Read the results on the Stupefying Stories blog where the ten winning stories of The Pete Wood Challenge will be published this week, two stories every weekday, starting with “Are There Cats On Mars”? by Jonathan Worlde and my science fiction microfic, “Machine Learning.”

PodCastle Flash Fiction Contest VI Editor’s Choice

Recently, I had a story in the ever-popular PodCastle Flash Fiction Contest that made the final round. Alas, it was not crowned one of the three winners, but will be appearing in the same episode later this year as an Editor’s Choice! Thrilled to make a sale from the contest after all. Can’t wait to share this story with you.

And congratulations to the winners—Drew Czernik, Ally Chua, and Aleks Wittkamp—whose terrific stories you won’t want to miss.

PodCastle Flash Fiction Contest VI Editor's Pick: When the Head Comes Knocking by Sylvia Heike

Flash Fiction Online 2020 Anthology Gets A New Cover

Flash Fiction Online 2020 Anthology — New Cover

Flash Fiction Online is in the process of redesigning the covers of their yearly anthologies, including the 2020 anthology. I already liked the previous look, but the new design has my—well, everyone’sname on the cover, so I can’t complain.

Grab your copy either from Amazon or directly from the publisher and read my story “We Are the Moor.”

Flash Fiction Online 2020 Anthology

Flash Fiction Online came out with a new anthology last month, edited by Suzanne W. Vincent, collecting all the stories published in 2020, including one of mine, “We Are the Moor.”

The anthology includes stories from: Stewart C Baker, Samuel Barnhart, Rebecca, Birch, R.K. Duncan, Sam Dunnington,Corey Farrenkopf, Lora Gray, Maria Haskins, Dayla Haynes, Bryce Heckman, Sylvia Heike, Audrey R. Hollis, Jennifer Hudak, Juliet Kemp, G.T. Knight, Melanie Lau, Tara Lazar, Sheila Massie, Dafydd McKimm, Nancy Moir, Wendy Nikel, Hailey Piper, Kyle Richardson, Elsa Richardson-Bach, Kelly Sandoval, T.R. Siebert, A.C. Spahn, Renée Jessica Tan, Angela Teagardner, Cathy Tenzo, David Urbina, Marie Vibbert, Filip Wiltgren

» Buy Flash Fiction Online 2020 Anthology directly from the publisher (available as epub, pdf, mobi)
» Buy from Amazon

My Eligible Stories Published in 2020

We’ve made it almost to the end of 2020. Christmas and 2021 are finally around the corner. It’s also that time of year when authors like to remind you of the stories they had published during the year, so that you can read & enjoy them, and perhaps, spread the word, or even nominate your favourites for awards.

I only had one eligible story come out in 2020, but I’m very proud of it. I’d be thrilled if you gave it a read:

» Read “We Are the Moor” in Flash Fiction Online (975 words)

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